Background of the project SU+MA

For many years, SISTEM is offering services of design, engineering, implementation, maintenance and operation of complete solutions for the control and management of interurban traffic of entrances to cities, offering its customers standardized solutions, and that is why it belongs and collaborates actively in Spanish and European standardization committees related to this sector.

SISTEM, has extensive experience in Intelligent Transportation Systems for interurban traffic management and the firm intention of putting their area of engineering at the service of technological innovation, which allows traffic management.

In the last years, SISTEM has consolidated its position in the sector Interurban Traffic. It is now firmly established in the three administrations at national level in Spain (DGT, Direcció General de Trànsit and Basque Government), and is why it has set itself a new target of the incursion in the area of Urban Traffic.

One of the main strategic objectives of SISTEM is “grow” through the development of “new products and services” to meet the needs and demands raised by new realities, both nationally and internationally.

Exactly in the field of Urban Traffic there is a lack of assistance to municipalities which because of their size do not have the material and human resources, and enough technical knowledge to address the task of approaching the concept of future that represents the Smart Mobility and Smart City.


The project SU+MA: a different  approach

The project SU+MA SISTEM, beyond traditional services within the urban area, will focus its efforts on providing a range of products and innovative urban services for advanced mobility that can provide high added value to local councils in managing their mobility, directing these towards the desired goal of making municipalities a referent of the Smart Mobility and Smart City.

The project SU+MA will have a portfolio of products with a complete, dynamic and scalable platform to undertake the most effective way possible a proper immersion in the world of Smart City projects, with special attention to municipalities of a medium and small size that until now not have the resources to address it.

The first firm commitment that SYSTEM has made in this regard was the establishment of the Chair SISTEM of support for innovation and efficient management and sustainable mobility, entrusted to the University of Valencia.

The “Chair SISTEM of support for innovation and efficient management and sustainable urban mobility” has as its starting point two phenomena: the traffic and the road accidents.

Regarding the traffic we have to consider that the displacements is one of the activities that encloses many others that we do every day such as going to work, displacements during the work itself and relative to leisure.

Regarding to road accidents, we must consider that it is one of the leading causes of death to which modern societies are facing.

Another aspect that the Chair intends to address is urban areas, a vial special role scenario where two circumstances of particular relevance: most of our movements are produced in this area and despite the mentioned general trend of reduction of accidents; they have increased in cities in both the rate and severity.

And the last aspect included in the Chair in its research and dissemination activity is the use of new technologies and their relationship with the human factor in the context of road safety and mobility. This is a growing area of interest in relation to the users, both as regards the administrators of these technologies and end-users (drivers, passengers and pedestrians).

With all, among the main objectives of the project SU+MA are the definition and implementation of customized, integrated and innovative solutions for urban mobility to increase efficiency:

  • Functional.
  • Social.
  • Environmental.
  • Economic.
  • Energy.

Consequently the principles that govern the project SU+MA are:

  • Ongoing focus on the generation of value to both the city councils and citizens.
  • Commitment to innovation and differentiation.
  • Customized action plan for each municipality.

All this means the scientific and innovative character, through innovation and rigorous evaluation of measures and countermeasures implemented, sometimes in early stages pilot basis, will enable maximize available resources in order to solve the problems that are presented to traffic and road safety managers and ultimately citizens.

 SU+MA project development

For each municipality, and universally, SU+MA project developments contemplate the following steps

  1. Development of audits on SMART – MOBILITY.
  2. Support for the development of innovative new products and high added value.

As part of the social work that SISTEM want to perform, the development phase of SMART-MOBILITY audits will be performed free of charge, courtesy of SISTEM, for municipalities that request.

The particularization of service for each council will have as axes:

  • Individualized analysis of the mobility real scenario of every municipality.
  • Proposal of innovative and viable solutions (economic and functional).
  • Technical development of the solution.
  • Test solution.

Also, and in addition, the SU+MA Project will offer Audits Mobility and Road Safety, aimed at developing plans, with new techniques and affordable (since part of the real cost is courtesy of SISTEM) for those municipalities that require it .

The SU+MA project partners

To develop the project SU+MA, will have SISTEM alliances with a series of multisectoral partners, complementary and leaders in their respective areas of activity, which share the same values thus ensuring the project’s success.

SU+MA Project partners are:


German manufacturer which provide its portfolio of products and solutions for urban traffic / SMART MOBILITY / SMART CITY at very competitive prices.

The traffic control equipment from Siemens is synonymous of innovation technology in traffic. In this field, Siemens combines nearly 100 years of experience with technical competence and international knowhow. With Siemens solutions, any municipality assures to be at the forefront of new technologies available.


Spanish consulting firm specializing in sustainable mobility based in Barcelona and Madrid. It is formed by a large multidisciplinary team with over 30 years experience in the analysis of urban mobility, from small towns to large metropolitan areas.

Its experience allows properly assess the realism of the proposals from a technical, economic and social perspective. So has an extensive background which lets them determine which technological tools and what solutions “Smart Mobility” are best suited to address the problems of urban mobility. Its participation in European projects such as the CiViTAS also allowed being abreast of innovations in global mobility.


With its proven experience and reputation and through the most cutting-edge procedures and methodologies of his two centres, the “Institute for Research in Traffic and Road Safety” and the “Institute for Research in Robotics, Information Technologies and Communications” the University of Valencia will provide the support necessary for technological development and innovation as well as the scientific basis of the applications to be implemented in relation to mobility and road safety in the field of urban traffic.