IRTIC (University Research Institute on Robotics and Information and Communication Technologies) is an interdisciplinary research centre of UV (University of Valencia), founded in 1992, composed of professors and researchers of recognized prestige, some with more than twenty years of experience in teaching and research in computer science.

IRTIC works focus on the realization of research projects and contracts are focused on the fields of traffic and transport telematics; network services and computer security; computer graphics and virtual reality; simulation of civil machinery; control of robotic devices; digital image processing; virtual reality; augmented reality and Simulation.

The Institute has participated in more than a hundred of these projects for administrations, institutions and companies nationally and internationally, in order to know better and provide more efficient responses to specific and global problems related to training, safety and traffic management.

In its facilities the group has several stereoscopic display systems, among which include a cylindrical visionary in 160º with capacity for 40 people, one CAVE 4 screens with retro-projected floor, a portable visionary, and numerous simulators.