The “Chair SISTEM for innovation and support to the efficient and sustainable management of urban mobility” has two main bodies: The Management and the Joint Commission.


The Chair is led by Professor Dr. Francisco Alonso, Director of the INTRAS, and will feature Professor Dr. Marcos Fernández, Director of ARTEC IRTIC Group, as Deputy Director.

Joint Commission

The objectives and functions of the Joint Committee are:

  • To monitoring the development of the project.
  • Approve the annual program of the Chair detailing activities to be developed.
  • Approve the budget and settlement expenses.
  • Monitor academic activities.
  • Conduct the evaluation of the activities carried.
  • Approve the annual report of the Chair.

The members of the Joint Commission are as follows:

  • Guillermo Palao (Vice Chancellor for Internationalisation and Cooperation of the University of Valencia)
  • Cándido Comino (CPS Group President and CEO of SISTEM)
  • Juan Francisco Ruiz (Commercial Director of SISTEM)
  • Fernando Bordona (Business Development Manager of SISTEM)
  • Francisco Alonso (Director of INTRAS)
  • Marcos Fernández (Director of the Research Group ARTEC of IRTIC)
  • Borja Comino (General Director of WAKE)