Traffic, urban mobility and road safety

New technologies and the users of public roads

Buenas Prácticas en Automoción

El Dr. Francisco Alonso, director del INTRAS y de la Cátedra Sistem, ha asistido a la reunión inicial de la Comisión Técnica de "Buenas Prácticas en Automoción", de la cual

The Chair founders


About the SISTEM Chair

The Chair SISTEM for innovation and support to the efficient and sustainable management of urban mobility was created jointly by the University of Valencia and the company Sistemas y Montajes Industriales, S.A. (SISTEM) in June 2015.

The Chair has the thematic object road safety, traffic and mobility in urban areas, taking into account new technologies in their relationship with users of public roads.

Research and knowledge areas:

  • Traffic
  • Road accidents
  • Urban mobility
  • New technologies

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