Its activities will be based on training, research, transfer and dissemination on issues related to road safety, traffic and mobility in urban environments.

The Research Institute on Traffic and Road Safety (INTRAS) of Valencia University and the company Sistemas y Montajes Industriales (SISTEM) of Madrid have agreed to create an institutional Chair to work on innovation and the efficient and sustainable management of urban mobility.

Target areas of the chair be road safety, traffic and mobility in urban environments, preferentially in response to the impact of new technologies in their relationship with users.

To achieve its objectives, the chair annually held various training activities, including some university extension; will develop a set of research lines and will promote technical meetings and conferences outreach on topics of interest to their areas of activity.

The Director of the “Chair SISTEM for innovation and support to the efficient and sustainable management of urban mobility” will be the Professor Dr. Francisco Alonso, Director of the INTRAS, who will be supported by a Joint Committee composed of representatives of the University of Valencia and SYSTEM.

INTRAS, the main Spanish benchmark in traffic and road safety
The Research Institute on Traffic and Road Safety (INTRAS) is an interdisciplinary research centre of the UV (Universitat de València) dedicated to the scientific and applied research, the development and innovation, the training and advising in the field of road safety and traffic accidents, mainly from the point of view of the human factors and the driver’s behaviour with the vehicle, the infrastructures and the police controls. Founded in 1995, this year celebrates the 20th anniversary of its creation

SISTEM, the firm commitment to technological development
Sistemas y Montajes Industriales S.A. (SISTEM) born in 1975, developing its core business as systems integrator in the fields of transport (railways, traffic and airports) and telecommunications in national and international markets. SISTEM joined the CPS Group in 1983 with the strategic objective of providing value added service to the customer, complementing the activities of design, manufacturing and distribution carried out by the companies of the group at its source, with projects engineering, installation, integration, maintenance and after-sales service.