The University of Valencia and the company Sistemas y Montajes Industriales, S.A. (SISTEM) have created an institutional Chair to work on innovation and in supporting the efficient and sustainable management of urban mobility. The partnership between the two entities was signed this Thursday by the rector Esteban Morcillo and the CEO of systems integrator company in the fields of transport and telecommunications, Cándido Comino.

The thematic object of this new Chair is road safety, traffic and mobility, especially in urban areas and, preferably, based on new technologies in their relationship with users by promoting efficient and sustainable management.

Therefore, the Chair will address the phenomena described above promoting increased knowledge, development and the permanent dissemination, for which all the strategies and tools available to them will be used in its broadest range ranging from the development research activities, development, for innovation, training and cultural, etc.

In this regard, the Chair is not defined as an end in itself but as a means of promotion and enhancement that is born with an international vocation to ensure a better quality of life for users (drivers, passengers and pedestrians) with the application of new technologies, innovation and sustainable management of urban mobility.

“Universities and the companies, accept new challenges and we joined the Corporate Social Responsibility, as the business has to be conferred as something more complex than can not turn its back to society because the companies are generating jobs, “said the rector.

Esteban Morcillo recalled the historical relationship of the University and the company (why Fundació Universitat-Empresa was created). “The University of Valencia is an institution strongly committed to society and businesses”, he asserted. Likewise, he referred to the relationship between academia and industry as “unavoidable” state, because both must be “capable of generating knowledge-based employability”.

Cándido Comino, meanwhile, said that the signing of this agreement “is an opportunity to SISTEM after 35 years dedicated to the creation of a project that has grown and developed to culminating here”. “This moment is very important for us because we can contribute to support the University mission is to train young people who start their careers,” he added.

The University of Valencia is an institution with extensive experience in R & D in many areas, including differentiated way is the area of Traffic and Road Safety. For the development, study and research in this field, the University has two research institutes: the Research Institute on Traffic and Road Safety (INTRAS) and the Institute for Research in Robotics and Information Technologies and Communication (IRTIC). “It fills me with institutional satisfaction as rector that entities of the University of Valencia like INTRAS and IRTIC have become one of their best products, acquiring social commitment to achieve a better and more levels of welfare society”, argued Esteban Morcillo.

For his part, the company SISTEM, born in 1975 developing its core business as systems integrator in the fields of transport and telecommunications in Spain and the International market. One of its strategic objectives for over three decades is to offer a value added service to the user that combines activities of design, manufacturing and distribution with projects engineering, installation, integration, maintenance, etc. On the other hand, it is of priority interest to the company the implementation of development projects oriented towards the improvement of road safety, traffic and urban mobility technologies.

It is for these reasons that the University of Valencia will collaborate with SISTEM in developing of these initiatives through educational, cultural and university extension programs as well as advisory and assistance activities.

Esteban Morcillo and Cándido Comino were accompanied on the signing of the agreement by the director of INTRAS and Chair SYSTEM, Francisco Alonso, for whom the creation of this new entity “is the fruit of a relationship established long term by both parties to develop a joint work research and innovation in the field of urban mobility “; and the director of ARTEC Group of IRTIC, Marco Fernandez. Representing the company SISTEM, attended by the Commercial Director, Juan Francisco Ruiz; the CEO of WAKE, Borja Comino; and the manager of business development at SISTEM, Fernando Bordona.